I'm Kali

Other than my passion for documenting stories, I am a stay at home mom to our Remi girl. She is now 1 1/2 and I can't get over just how crazy it is that she belongs to us, I love her too much! Her personality is quite the opposite of Logan and I, she's outgoing, loud, goofy, dramatic, high energy and wants everyone's attention.Hopefully you'll get to meet her one day. Remi is our whole world and I am thankful for her every day, even when she's making me lose my mind. ;)

I have within the past year began an obsession with growing plants, flowers and succulents. A few of my favorites right now are the fiddle leaf fig tree, our lilac chaste tree, and a big cactus succulent I dug up in the hill country and transplanted into our yard. They were all just babies when we adopted them and there is nothing quite like the feeling of keeping a plant alive and well to watch it grow. If it were up to me I'd be buying plants till we were broke, so I will always accept any plants, all the plants, all the time. My ultimate dream is to have a house with a huge enclosed porch surrounded by windows and of course FILLED with plants. 

I also:

Am a five on the enneagram (if you don't know yours go look it up and then lets talk about it later), love Chick-Fil-A over all fast food, would be ok if Madewell was the only clothing store in the world, have 5 tattoos, wish I had a new hair color every month, am not a morning person, need chapstick 25/8, prefer cold brew over hot coffee, and I almost always order a any drink with grapefruit in it.