Birth of Baby Camila | The Woodlands Birth Photographer

By the time I arrived Hannah was already pushing.

Lets back up, Hannah and I met in high school graduating together in 2011. We have stayed friends over social media keeping up with each other lives here and there. When Hannah reached out to me telling me her big news I was overjoyed for her! Not only was she going to have her first baby, but she wanted me to be a part of her birth team. Anyone who knows me knows I love pregnancy and birth - but especially love documenting it!

Now skipping ahead to the big day. Hannah texted me late morning letting me know that early labor signs were starting. We were going to keep in close contact as time went on to see how things progressed with her. Normally, a first time natural birth can be quite long, lasting anywhere from 8-36 hours. We did not expect things to move as quickly as they did. Hannah decided to head to the hospital to get checked and see if things would be happening soon, next thing I knew she was in active labor and ready to go!

As I arrived to the hospital walking up to her room I could hear Hannah in labor. Thats how you really know its time. I walked in as she was beginning to push - what a rush of adrenaline! It wasn’t 30 minutes before that sweet baby was brought earth-side and let out her cries.

Camila was brought into the world surrounded by all her loved ones, and Hannah was fully supported by every single person in the room. Camila’s daddy was there the entire time, gently helping and encouraging and was also able to help catch her as she emerged.

Another beautiful and powerful birth that I am thankful to have been a part of. Enjoy the story of Camila!