Proposal In Tomball, Texas | Lifestyle Photographer

It's official, he popped the question!

So so so excited to say that my little sister is getting married to the man of her dreams. After dating for four years throughout college their time had finally come to start a life together. It has been neat to watch their relationship grow from the time they met, to having big secret crushes on each other, to dating long distance, to pursuing career paths and now to mark the beginning of marriage together. I am honored to have had a small part in documenting this sweet moment between Austin and Krista. 

A little back story on this amazing spot; This tree is located behind our old home in Rosewood Hills. A spot we all liked to hang out, fish, and climb.  It was also the spot where Austin asked Krista to be his girlfriend by reading her a letter he wrote, hence the photo of her in the frame. Thankfully the cows minded their own business, and Krista followed Austin's instructions to get here to this spot so that this magical moment could take place. And as you know, she said yes. ;)