In-Home Lifestyle Session | Houston Family Photographer | Kali Mikelle

A big HORRAY for my first in-home family session! Like I've mentioned before, I have become more passionate about lifestyle sessions and more specifically, in-home sessions. Ideally, I would love to have this become what I do more frequently and what clients look for when they come to me for their photo needs.

Thankfully I had the opportunity to capture these sweet moments of the Reiter family and I am so happy to be able share them! I met Claire right after Logan and I got married. She grew up going to the same church with him and his family and once we got pregnant I asked if she would be my doula, and thankfully she agreed. :)

Logan, Remi and I drove up to Brenham to visit them in their cottage that was built in 1907. I could not have asked for a more fun-loving family for my first in-home shoot. Claire and her husband Brent have two adorable little girls, Penny and Lottie, which if you can't already tell are thoroughly enjoying living on a beautiful farm.

The weather that day was absolutely perfect so we were able to get some shots while they picked tomatoes and fed the cows. Afterwards we headed back inside for some lunch making, coloring and baking cookies.

I enjoyed being on the outside looking in at their daily routine, allowing them to interact and be themselves. I can not wait till I get a chance to document another family's special moments. Take a look at these amazing humans!