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Austin City Local In-Home Session | Texas Lifestyle Photographer

This is Rachel,

We met our freshman year of college and happened to be living in the same apartment complex. Long story short we three (including my other roommate) became best friends and lived together the next year, now nicknamed 'Tres Margaritas' for reasons I can't recall.

Rachel has done some pretty amazing things in her life, most of which include far away locations and learning new things. She has studied abroad, and planned fun trips with a friend or two across the globe. She has been to Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Ireland, Poland, Spain and England. Basically all the best places to see in my opinion.

She moved to Seattle under the same type of circumstances knowing minimal people or anything about the area and made it her home for 2 years. Now after a strong sense of moving back to Texas she is living in Austin (close to me so I am a happy friend) and she is working as a barista at a coffeeshop/bakery called Nate's. She has the cutest apartment with mid century minimalist decor, and loves to dog sit all the dogs. Currently watching Lari, as seen below.

Those things may not seem like that huge of a deal, yeah people move all the time, people travel all the time, so what? This girl is a dreamer and a doer. She has a goal and she does it without hesitation and succeeds. Rachel is full of LIFE - she is an extremely hard worker, she loves others well and does it all while dealing with ongoing health issues. This gal is STRONG and she can't be brought down.

Her friendship and her way of living inspires and reminds me that you can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough. I have never met a more driven and caring person and I am so very blessed to call her my best friend. She deserves all the joy in the world.