What You Need To Know About An In-Home Session

Is an in-home session right for you?

"What's so great about taking photos in my house?"


Let me start off by saying just how much I personally ADORE not only taking in-home photos, but having our own in-home sessions done. I will never regret it, and I will continue getting them done as our family grows.

Now I may be a little biased simply because A) Quality photos are high on my list of important things B) We have had an in-home session done and now I am obsessed C) I prefer candid photos being tied to an emotion over a good photo of myself

in-home session vs. Traditional portrait session

It's something you never knew you always needed.


You know how they say time goes by fast and that you can blink and your kid is all grown up? Well its true! When we had our in-home session done Remi was only a couple months old. Things looked a little different in our house, we had her bassinet in our room, we were decorating for Christmas and we had just moved into our home that year. I wouldn't necessarily easily recognize that if we had traditional pictures taken at a local park or somewhere similar. Our in-home photos bring me back to that time and I FEEL all those things I felt then - being a new mom and having a new home.

You already know, there's no place like home. If you think about it, it's where you are on a day-to-day basis, where you eat, sleep, and live with the people you love most. What else tells a better story than that? Your personality is all wrapped up in a big or small structure that you call home, your memories are made there. Which brings me to my next point.

What if my home isn't cute?

First of all, cute is relative. And if you are going to compare your home to the perfect Pinterest worthy homes you follow on Instagram, then maybe it's not so cute (or maybe it is and you have a beautiful home). But lets be real here, we ALL have things we want to do to fix up our home. The list will never end no matter what you do, there will always be something. I am here to tell you that if your home is a functional, livable space with some windows, your house is WORTHY. Yes, you may need to clean up a room or two to get it looking its best, but you do that anyway when guests comes over. At least thats when I do my cleaning....

We were all comfortable and relaxed in our own element. The pictures are memories we cherish and the kids will look back and remember the fun we had in our home.”
— Laurie

You don't need the hippest decor trends, or the most expensive furniture to have an in-home session. Like I said, Logan and I had just moved in our home a few months before Remi was born. Our walls weren't painted the color they are now, we had and still have dinky IKEA furniture (no hate), and there have been many home projects done since then. The point was to document our lives no matter the state of our unideal home, and I am so grateful I didn't wait until things were 'perfect', because who knows when that will be.

For those of you who absoultely would not want their home documented, I have seen so many cute sessions done in an AirBnB. Think of a reason so book one, anniversary, birthday, just a fun getaway. Now you really don't have an excuse, hehe.

Ok but what would we even do?

I would go so far to say - anything you normally do, but with FLARE. 


For starters, you won't just sit there the entire time and smile at the camera. Unless you wanted to, but thats...creepy. Things that I like to suggest would be common habits or things you enjoy doing;

  1. Making coffee/cocktails together
  2. Bake cookies with the kiddos
  3. Decorate for Christmas
  4. Cozy up together on the bed or couch
  5. Sip on those beverages out on the porch
  6. Have your maternity/newborn photos done with a more lifestyle approach
  7. Play with your puppies/kitties/snakes/whatever little creatures you own
  8. Tickle fights/wrestle with the kids
  9. Tickle fights/wrestle with your spouse
  10. Tickle fights/wrestle with your dog
  11. Playing a game together
  12. Need I say more?

Your home, your rules. All I ask is that you just be you, no reason to fake it or think too hard. My goal is to document life as it happens, not direct a group of people to follow instructions. No this is not just for families either, and you don't need to have kids or even pets.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be you, your partner, your kids, your life. That's where my heart is and I want to share it with you. Your story matters, and these moments matter. Let's create forever memories together!

Want to see more photos from this fun in-home session? Check it out here!

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