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How To Plan The Perfect Engagement Session

Krista and Austin’s engagement session was by far my favorite that I have been a part of. It could have been because she happens to be my little sister and I love her, or just because they are freaking cool and didn’t want boring engagement photos. 

I hear too often that “we don’t have any hobbies” or “we can’t think of anything”. STOP RIGHT THERE. I will not accept that and I am here to give you a few tips on how to make your engagement photos go from good to

1: Figure out what you like to do as a couple.

Seriously - take a few minutes to really create a list of things you enjoy. Get past the thought of being photographed doing these things, otherwise it might cause you to revert back to the old “Don’t have any ideas”.


When Krista and I were planning her session there were so many things I wanted to do with them. They love the outdoors, coffee, exploring new places, the beach, and being in the city. Her and Austin have a favorite coffee shop they visit frequently so we focused our ideas around Houston and put Catalina Coffee at the top of the list. We didn’t spend hours there, just enough time to capture what it would be like if they were to visit over coffee (and sneak in a few kisses).
A quick list off the top of my head for ideas are:

  • farmers market
  • bike riding
  • camping/hiking/picnic
  • first date/where you met
  • coffee shop/bar
  • the zoo
  • the list is endless.

2: Work with your photographer on finding locations.

Don’t leave it all up to your photographer to read your mind with the vision and vibe you have for your session. I like to have my clients create a Pinterest board of images they like so that I can get a better idea of the setting they are looking for, along with having them send me a list of spots they may already have in mind.


When Krista sent me her list there were a lot to choose from (which was awesome), so I had to narrow it down to the ones that I knew would work best and flow together as an entire session. Your photographer should be taking the reins on this and they typically will have a list of spots ready to go that they are familiar with, but it always helps to have input in order to create a session that is going to be 100% a representation of you and your love. Don't forget to tell your photographer all about your love story!

3: Just be you. 

If the places you’re going and outfits you’re choosing aren’t reflecting who you are its going to show. You absolutely must feel comfortable during your session, otherwise it can negatively affect your images.


Go places you truly enjoy being, and do things that make you happy! Don’t let the idea that engagement photos must be formal, posed and stiff stop you from enjoying your session. As a photographer I get so excited when a couple wants to go out of the box to create something original. It challenges my creativity and allows me to work WITH them to cultivate realness and authenticity in their photos.

Was this helpful? Feel free to pass it along to your friends or photographer so they too can plan the perfect engagement session!