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Downtown Rooftop Proposal | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

Oh the excitement of asking the love of your life to marry you.

I have shot a handful of proposals and the butterflies don’t seem to go away, I just can’t help but put myself in their shoes with all the emotions and excitement.

A little backstory - Michael’s now fiancé, Isabela, had been following me on instagram and he knew that she liked my work. He decided to reach out to see if I would be available to capture the moment he proposed to her on a rooftop somewhere in Houston. Of course I wanted to; just the thought of someone choosing me based off my work filled my heart. <3 

Knowing nothing about these two love birds, I went and checked out their Instagram pages to see what they were all about. I could tell within seconds how madly in love they were with each other and it made me all the more excited to document this special moment for them. Even through a screen it was easy to see just how sweet these two individuals were, and it was true!

Michael told me what his plans were, in which he thoughtfully put together based on Isabela’s likes. The rooftop was something she’d been asking to do for a while and he thought it would be the perfect spot to propose.

On the day of the proposal we had it all planned out. His mom would help set up the balloons and I'd show up and be ready for their arrival as they came out of an elevator that brought them to the very top. Turns out that rooftop was all locked up - whoops!

Its summertime in Houston; I am standing outside already sweating as I realize that this was no longer an option. I can see his mom driving around with a car full of balloons probably wondering the same thing. As I looked around trying to decide what would be our solution, right across the street was another parking garage that was empty and open. I took off running and climbed too many flights of stairs because I did not have time to look around for an elevator. I guess his mom saw me wandering the streets, because she ended up driving to the top and meeting me there. It took us a bit of time to figure out how to set up the balloons because they wanted to fly away with the wind, but just in time we got it all set up and ready for the big surprise.

Next thing we knew he was there opening up her car door as she sat there too shocked to get out. He finally coaxed her out as he walked her over to his romantic rose petal filled heart and got down on one knee. The rooftop was even better than the original and the skyline view was epic. One thing that Michael told me about Bela was that she loves pink/orange sunsets - turns out there was the most perfect sunset after he proposed. *crying*

Their love is evident in these photos, and you can see the amazement on her face as she had no idea what was coming. I just loved being a part of this sweet time!